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1. KidRex 2. Fact Monster
3. Kidtopia 4. Kiddle
5. Sweet Search 6. Cyber Sleuth Kids
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DuckDuckGo Carrot2


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Web Browsers
Internet Explorer
Search Engines
Kid-Friendly Search Engines
A Couple Cool Search Engines
Reliability of Online Sources
Citing Sources

Saving and Citing Picture Sources

Copyright Activity
Taking the Mystery Out of Copyright

Online Searches and Internet Review Games


Grammar Glossary

Grammar Monster Glossary

Math Dictionary for Kids

Using English

Illustrated Mathematics Dictionary A Maths Dictionary for Kids
Visual Mathematics Dictionary Cool Math's Online Dictionary
Wili the Word Wizard Math Dictionary Multimedia Math Glossary
Mathwords eGlossary (Math)

Online Dictionary

Word Central

World Book Online for Kids


South Dakota State
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World Book School Edition
Awesome Library

National Geographic Search

Free Clip Art Images Earth Cam for Kids


Animal Search
Pics4Learning Homework Spot
How Stuff Works Free Play Music

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