Curriculum Information

English Language Arts

Instruction in Reading and Language classes is based on the Common Core ELA Standards. A variety of strategies and materials are used to teach the standards, including the Trophies series from Harcourt and a variety of novels and nonfiction books. There is a daily free reading time to read books for Accelerated Reader, "Book It," or just for fun. Each quarter there will be a quarterly AR goal to meet. Follow this link to view the disaggregated ELA standards for 4th grade.


Math is GREAT! Instruction in Math class is based on the Common Core Math Standards.  We use the Investigations Math series.  Follow this link to view the disaggregated Math standards for 4th grade.



The fourth grade Social Studies curriculum focuses on the state of South Dakota. What a fun year it will be learning all about our state! We will investigate the geography, history, people, and future of our state. Many different resources will be used to accomplish all this, such as textbooks, maps, the Internet, special speakers, and videos.  The publication "Time for Kids" will be used to read and discuss current events.  Follow this link to view the 4th grade Social Studies standards.



Students will use the Science textbook from Macmillan/McGraw-Hill, as well as a variety of materials to work on the state standards for 4th graders.  Students will be involved in activities of physical, life, and earth/space science.  Units will include inventions and inventors, properties of matter, electricity, basic body systems, animals, weather, and the water cycle. Follow this link to view the 4th grade Science standards.



Students will learn keyboarding and basic computer skills.  This class will also involve a great deal of integration into the other subject areas as we work on special activities and projects for Science, Social Studies, Language, Math, and Reading. Follow this link to view the 4th grade Technology standards.