Why Keyboarding Skills Are Important

Practice your keyboarding skills at school and at home with the websites listed below.

* Practice the homerow keys

Speed Test
* Dance Mat Typing Balloon Game
Typing Chef Chameleon Game
Paratrooper Sheep ABC Keyboard Challenge
ABCya! Keyboard Challenge * Computer Circus
* Desert Typing Racer * Keyboard Revolution
* Martian City Defender * Free Typing Lessons
* Glencoe's Online Keyboarding Keyboard Climber
* Nimble Fingers * Keyboarding Practice
* Peter's Online Typing Course Barracuda Typing Game
Foggies Typing Game Jibe Typing Game
Trees Typing Game Spell-Dictator
Keyboarding Games Rank My Typing
The Typing Playground Typer Spider
* The Frogs Are Off Their Diets * Meteor Typing Blast
* Keyboard Triathalon * Spacebar Invaders
* Trick or Type * Outerspace Fleet Commander!
* Typing Tutor * Mr. Kent's Typing Tutor
Free Typing Tests Start the Test
Typing at the Speed of Thought Typing Test
   Typing Adventure    Keyman
   Bubbles    Keybricks
Cup Stacking Keyboard Puzzle
* Home Keys Kennys * Learn to Type Home Row Keys
* Alpa Munchies Typing Game * Typing Lessons
Meteor Game Type Me
Keyboarding Skills at e-Learning Learn to Type
 Keyboard Game 3D Keyboard
 Typing Game Text Type
Keybr Typing Band
* Typing Tutorial Typing Wars