Camelot Code of Conduct / Classroom Behavior

Camelot Code of Conduct


††††††††††† Be on time

††††††††††† Be where you are supposed to be

††††††††††† Be prepared to work with a good attitude


††††††††††† Think safety first

††††††††††† Make good choices

  Follow procedures

††††††††††† Be the best you can be


††††††††††† Respect yourself

††††††††††† Respect others

††††††††††† Respect property

††††††††††† Respect the rules

"Choices for Champions"

 Daily Observation Data

†  Information will be kept on a clipboard

            A = arguing

            B = bothering others

            D = disrespectful to yourself, others, property, or rules

            LE = Lack of effort

            L = inappropriate language

            LA = late assignments/materials

            MM = missing materials

            T = talking out of turn/blurting

            MI = major infractions

   Students will record infractions in planners / Parents will sign each night

††††††††††† 4th check = detention

††††††††††† 5th check = ISS (Principalís office / partner classroom)

††††††††††† Major infraction = May lead to immediate office referral